How to Write SEO Optimized Article For Website

SEO Optimized Article
SEO Optimized Article
seo optimized articles

Write SEO Optimized Article For Website

First, we have to choose a particular niche for our keyword research. And also we have chosen a low-competition keyword because it’s the best way to rank your blog or website on google’s first page. So how you research keywords for your niche, it’s a big question. Ok, Google Planner which is a free tool to find keywords, you can use that. Also, there have many paid and free tools to find keywords like ahrefs, google keyword planner, google trend, etc.

How do you write SEO optimized article?

So Your first step will be choosing the main keyword for which you want your article ranked. You can choose movie review keywords, product review keywords like as ‘Top 10 the best laptop in the USA’, ‘Best 5 action movies in 2021’ etc. After choosing our main primary keyword So let’s go back to our WordPress dashboard. And we have to add the main keyword to the title. Now you have to understand, this title is only for our article. So the title will be shown on the search result. So you add the “Top 10 best laptops in the USA” in the Yoast SEO plugin.

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Now, let’s check our article to compare with competitors What kind of content they are writing. So whatever your target keyword is, so you have to compare and look at the articles of the top page 5 website who are ranking on the first page. So this is the research process. Write an SEO-friendly article doesn’t mean that you just think of a keyword and then start writing the article. First, You have to do proper research on your keyword, then you have to compare with competitors, what they are writing. What is their writing strategy and How they wrote their article on the website. that’s the way you can be better than your competitor.

The ultimate goal of writing an SEO-friendly article is writing an article better than 10x times of all your competitions. So, What is the main point of writing an SEO-friendly article, here we will try to understand the main thing of an SEO-friendly article. One thing to keep in mind, no one wants to read huge paragraphs. People prefer single-line answers. Something like- something which has paragraphs. Something which has an indentation, like a one-line or two-line paragraph. So one thing we always remain, we have to write proper spacing point for our article.

You have put the keyword in the title, also you have to proper links and alt attribute with the images. If your paragraphs are too long you can write articles that have proper indentation and formatting and are properly segmented. Also, we can add a video here. So if you add some videos, pictures, which will help to increase the on-page SEO of our website.

If you follow all the main things it will help us get better rankings.

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